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Recent Loss

If You've Just Had A Loss

All of the hospitals & OB-GYN offices in Lancaster are aware of Share of Lancaster and the services  we provide.

  • If your loss occurred in the hospital, you will be asked to complete a form which allows your child to be buried in the Share Burial plot at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.  If you are unsure or overwhelmed when you are at the hospital, please ask your nurse or clinical provider to take some extra time to explain your choices to you.
  • Many local hospitals have a special team called the “Bereavement Team”.  These individuals have been given special training in pregnancy loss and still-birth and can provide you with support and answers to questions that you may have.  An important member of the Bereavement Team is the Chaplain.  You will most likely be asked if you would like to speak with the Chaplain during your stay.
  • While you are in the hospital, make sure to review the “Rights of the Parent and Rights of the Child” document.
  • Due to the HIPPA law, the hospital is unable to provide your name and information to Share of Lancaster.  Please know that we are here if you need us and if you would like to let us know about your loss and have your baby recognized or have additional questions, please call us (717) 553-7857.

If You Know Someone Who Has Just Had A Loss

Many times it is hard to know what to do or say when someone we know has had a loss.  It is important to know that sometimes, the best thing you can do is to just let them know you are sorry and that you are there for them.  And then….listen. Many people feel that they need to say something to try to help but end up saying things that are hurtful.  

Please try to avoid saying the following:

  • At least you can have or have children.
  • This was meant to be.
  • There must have been something wrong with the baby.
  • At least you didn't know the baby, it would have been much harder.
  • Don't make the conversation about you and your losses.

Know that people grieve in different ways and two people with the same experience make not react the same way. Offer to attend a Share support group with your friend/family member to make them feel more comfortable.

Monthly Support Group

Announcement: Beginning July 1, 2019, Share Support Groups will be combining into one individual group, providing support for individuals and families of all stages of loss. 

The Share Grief Group

Monthly – 3rd Tuesday, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

In an effort to provide support for you that is meaningful and relevant, we offer a monthly opportunity for you to connect more meaningfully with others who have also experienced a loss.

The Share Grief Group is open to mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, and any bereaved family member or individual affected by an early pregnancy loss through miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, late pregnancy/early infant loss through stillbirth, premature or full-term infant death, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). You are free to attend one meeting or as many meetings as you desire.

The group’s facilitator is Jake Geesey.  Jake and his wife experienced a loss of their own when their son, Daniel, was born stillborn in 2005. Since 2007, Jake has lead many support groups for Share of Lancaster and has also provided leadership for GriefShare International.  Please email Jake at with any questions.

The Share Grief group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 – 8:00 at Lancaster General Health Campus Wellness Library, located on the 2nd floor.


Lancaster General Health Campus
Wellness Library Conference Room, 2nd Floor
2100 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

Kyrstin Elizabeth Fund

Named for Kyrstin Elizabeth Eachus, the Kyrstin Elizabeth Fund fills a special need at Share of Lancaster. Monies from the fund are distributed to families who are in need of financial assistance to meet burial and funeral costs when a baby dies. This Fund is specifically designed to serve those families who may not qualify for the Share Burial service, such as those whose babies have died from SIDS.

Parents interested in applying for a funeral or burial expense grant from the Kyrstin Elizabeth Fund should request an application and further information from their funeral director. Parents may also contact Share of Lancaster directly with questions regarding the fund at 717-553-7857 or

Kyrstin Elizabeth Eachus was born on January 24, 2003 and died on April 21, 2003 as a result of SIDS. Kyrstin’s mother, Melissia Eachus, previously served on the Share of Lancaster Board of Directors and is an advocate for all families that have lost a child. Melissia and Share of Lancaster honor Kyrstin’s life and memory with the work of this Fund.

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