Give Support

Share of Lancaster’s ability to provide much needed support to the community relies on good people wanting to help a good cause.

Share has a number of volunteer opportunities.  Please review the current opportunities below and let us know you are willing to help. If you are willing to help and don’t see an opportunity that fits, let us know that as well when you complete the volunteer form.

Share Event Planning: Share runs a few main events throughout the year and is always looking to expand. Event planning involves committee work and/or community outreach to help plan the event. Opportunities also are available the day of the event if you are unable to attend regular meetings.

Share Fundraising: Share is looking to continue all of the good work it does within the community. In order to continue this work. Share is looking for additional fundraising opportunities.

Share Blogs/Forums: Share of Lancaster will be offering Blogs and Forums to help provide support to those who may find comfort in the ability to express themselves and find comfort from others on-line. We need support with posting and monitoring these parts of the website.