All of the local hospitals/OB-GYN’s in Lancaster are aware of Share of Lancaster and the services  we provide.

  • -If your loss occurred in the hospital, you will be asked to complete a form which allows your child to be buried in the Share Burial plot at St. Joseph’s Cemetery.  If you are unsure or overwhelmed when you are at the hospital, please ask your nurse or clinical provider to take some extra time to explain your choices to you.
  • -Many local hospitals have a special team called the “Bereavement Team”.  These individuals have been given special training in pregnancy loss and still-birth and can provide you with support and answers to questions that you may have.  An important member of the Bereavement Team is the Chaplain.  You will most likely be asked if you would like to speak with the Chaplain during your stay.
  • -While you are in the hospital, make sure to review the “Rights of the Parent and Rights of the Child” document.
  • -Due to the HIPPA law, the hospital is unable to provide your name and information to Share of Lancaster.  Please know that we are here if you need us and if you would like to let us know about your loss and have your baby recognized or have additional questions, please call us (717) 553-7857.
  • -Please check our our page on Share Burials for specific dates and times of burials.