Share of Lancaster Mens Group announcement

Share of Lancaster is pleased to announce the creation of mens group to support fathers and other men that have been touched by the loss of a child. Our mission statement is as follows:

“To serve and support fathers and other men whose lives are touched by the tragic loss of a baby through pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or the first  year of their life.”


How do we do this?


We meet immediate needs by:

Providing education andawareness of the mens group.

Providing resources that assist men in supporting one another, while learning how to support their families.

Providing access to a peer response team that consists of men who have experienced loss themselves.


We meet ongoing needs by:

By establishing partnerships with businesses to help memorialize a loss.

Provide access to men’s support groups and a “guys refuel night” as a casual gathering to connect with other men.

Provide follow up contact.


We meet long term needs by:

Providing education and training for men to help other men through a loss.

Maintaining access to men’s support groups.

Connecting on an annual basis to maintain a presence.


Our group is very much in the early stages, our immediate action will be to have a network of men who can be reached through this website to offer one-on-one support and a shoulder to lean on. We will have brief bio’s of the assisting men so that someone in need can decide on their own who to reach out to. Please use our contact form if you are interested in participating or volunteering for this group.